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Deep Muscle Massage

30 minutes | £45
60 minutes | £60
90 minutes | £90

Using specialised techniques to penetrate deep into the muscles, this massage is intensely relaxing, relieves deep set tension, increases blood flow and aids your body to remove toxins from sore overworked muscles.

Skin Fitness Facial

60 minutes | £60

Stress and tiredness, shaving, sports and lifestyle all make their own demands on men's skin. This Dermalogica facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates and re-hydrates, while energising tired, dull skin. Your skin will be left feeling healthy, refreshed and smooth.

Urban Cleanse Facial

30 minutes | £45

In just 30 minutes this facial is designed to give men maximum results in minimum time, giving men the ultimate skin overhaul with maximum anti-ageing results. Using either Elemis or Dermalogica products specially formulated for men's skin.

Skin Energiser Facial

60 minutes | £60

The hard-working Elemis Touch facial for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. It maximises cell generation, as steam and extraction decongests. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst scalp and foot massages deeply relax.

BIOTEC Super-Charger Facial

60 minutes | £65

The Elemis Technology facial to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the skin. Ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current deliver a deep clean for a multi-tasking, time efficient solution.

Men's Hand & Nail Treatment

30 minutes | £30

Men's Pedicure

30 minutes | £30

Eye Brow Tidy


Back & Shoulder Wax


Chest Wax


Nasal Wax


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